Institute For Faith-Based Diplomacy
Raising Up The Next Generation of Faith-Based Peacemakers


Our Training Program

Our Training Program

Combining FBR workshop experience and traditional lectures with one-on-one mentoring and small group team building exercises, the training program would develop the following elements concurrently over a month long period prior to a student led 4-day FBR workshop: 


A review of faith-based diplomacy, its principles, methods, required skills and applications in political/cultural systems to resolve identity-based conflicts.  During the month of training candidates would receive lectures on the following:

  • The principles of faith-based diplomacy
  • The methods of faith-based intermediaries
  • The core values of FBR
  • The FBR process of softening hearts and joint problem solving
  • How to conduct an FBR workshop
  • The journey of reconciliation as the spiritual and character formation of the peacemaker
  • The nature of pluralism and types of bridge building and bridge building skills
  • The nature of compassionate inclusion and elements of hostility, religious violence and dealing with enemies
  • Conflict mapping and problem solving skills
  • Principles and techniques of negotiation
  • Principles and techniques of mediation
  • Understanding the power of ideas
  • The nature of social justice and how religion can be an agent of change in societies
  • The nature of forgiveness and the wider process of healing relationships between individuals and communities
  • The nature of collective historical wounds and the healing process
  • The nature of divine sovereignty together with religion in the public square and the relationship between religion and the state
  • Communication skills (both listening and asking questions)
  • Conducting individual and group meetings
  • Organizing and sustaining a core group
  • Organizing a network of cell groups
  • Organizing civil society meetings
  • Writing opinion pieces and doing media interviews
  • Interfacing with track one diplomatic officials

Spiritual development

Students would explore the role of God in softening hearts, the power of prayer, the means for sustaining personal relationship with God, the importance of God in partnerships of faith, and strengthening personal faith to serve others.  Faculty one-on-one mentoring of students and facilitation of small group interaction would pursue a shared commitment to doing the works of faith. Spiritual development would involve teaching, demonstration, student involvement, and personal reflection structured around faith-based principles drawn from each faith tradition.

Team Building

Working as 4-person teams, candidates will engage in activities that develop their ability to value and trust each other’s respective skills and talents as they jointly analyze problems, focus their prayers toward developing faith-based responses, and provide for each other’s spiritual and emotional health.  Initially led by a mentor, the groups will gradually become more self-directed over the course of their association.